Which bikini fits which character? So, every woman will find the perfect swimwear!

Panic before the bathing season? Then just take a deep and breathe out, and quickly read more: since a perfect bikini can conceal small problem zones and emphasize the advantages. But what bikini goes with which character? Here’s the answer!

The perfect bikini for small breasts

Top: A push up bikini helps the cheating anyway. The models with built-in or removable pads can conjure up loose once more a cup size and form a nice cleavage at the same time. But: Push-up -bikinis have a perfect fit. If not correctly filling in the basket, which is back and two empty fabric covers in the Sky Tower, it quickly embarrassed looks.

Also nice: Slip the pads. Another possibility is to trick with ornaments. Models with Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles, sequins, beads, grinding, embroidery or fringe perform true miracles and give visually more volume to the breast. The same also applies to bikini tops in bright colors, bright colors and large patterns.

By the way, Just not the triangle bikini pass. The two fabric triangles (choose necessarily padded!) are ideal if you have a smaller bust size. With regard to the bandeau bikini: he can make the chest appear even flatter than it is tatstächlich. If you heeded colour, pattern and food tricks, he not honest looks in women with little boobs.

Flop: Who wants to cheat his small boobs bigger, should adopt in any case of unlined bikini tops. You do nothing for the bust that unfortunately. Plain models and dark shades are also not ideal, because they allow visually less effect the breast.

The perfect bikini for big boobs

Top: A large breasts need support and optimal support… You should have when purchasing bikini always in the head. Therefore, models with form brackets, preformed cups, a wide Underband, wide Jetty as well as broad straps are ideal.

Sporty models in the form of Bustier sit perfectly with a large bust size. Who wants to bring his breast not only as best as possible in the form, but also visually smaller conjure up, tried it on best time with special Minimizer variants. Dark colors and small patterns, cause that the breast not too much will become the focus.

Flop: Stay away from triangle – and bandeau-bikinis without straps. You cover the breasts though, give him but not stop. The result: When bouncing into the water, might, that slip of fabric and bosoms out flashes. In bikini tops, you must tie back, you should have the feeling that they ‘keep really the breast’. Closures with hooks or eyelets are, however, on the safe side. For the colors and patterns: large prints and bright or bright tones are unfortunately not optimal – especially, if you would like to make his breasts never not in the spotlight.

The perfect bikini for wide hips and a big butt

Top: Ever more subtle the Bikini panties the better! This means that solid color models, dark colors or subtle prints are always a good choice. Slip type it wrong with the model of ‘Bikini briefs’. It is characterized by slightly wider page rib.

Should it go to so ‘untenrum’ something quieter, you can let it RIP ‘topless’ quiet. With bikini tops in eye-catching colors and patterns you attention away the wide hips. A small silver bullet is also a Pareo. However the cloth around the waist, not should be placed, but tied around the waist. This prevents that the hip area is stressed too much.

Flop: Just hide not the problem zones ! It brings nothing to hide a big butt or wide hips with fabric mass. Thus the unpleasant curves are accentuated only still. So, stay away from panties! Also striking colors and patterns are unprofitable – anyway, when the Bikini briefs. Thongs or strings are an another no-go, because they draw attention to the hips.

The perfect bikini for a little belly

Top: A small tummy can be hidden under a bathing suit . That maybe in the first moment uncool and boring sounds, but it is not. Because there are the one piece now in many colours and sexy versions. Another way around the problem area wegzumoglen, is the Tankini. The two-parter consists of a bikini panties and a top that covers the stomach and thus concealed. The Tankini has the advantage that the top high roll can be, if you would like to sunbathe.

Despite a small belly, who wants to wear a bikini, may try it sometime with retro Pantys or Highwaist briefs. The panties are highly tailored and sometimes ranging to the waist. Also with Pareos can one off cheating a little belly a bit.

Flop: Who feels uncomfortable with its curves, should adopt by a two-parter. Who has a stomach problem, carries the best neither to skimpy bikini panties. So, the look is not unnecessarily directed on the pads.

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