The swimsuit – the classic way to get wet

The summer is fast approaching and panicked again hundreds of women and girls facing their wall mirrors and ask yourself: “What should I wear only?”. Need new swimwear, the most colorful, convenient and desirable. Also should the clothes be unbendable – and chlorine-resistant and provide protection from excessive sunlight. Especially the swimsuit should be, depending on the character type of the Lady, an optimal fit in any size but also fashionable accents offer, so that the wearer completely comfortable with the dip in the cool waters.

The swimsuit – a relic of the 19th century? Written with the introduction of the bikinis in the 40s and doomed forever to become mouldy on the fashionable bench? Not at all! Our swimsuit proves its timeliness and functionality test. Its self-conscious competition – bikini – opposite, the swimsuit looks at first shy and restrained. One thinks of the sporty adidas models and has a certain look in mind, which is associated with the word “Swimsuit” immediately.

But the world of one piece swimwear consists not only of adidas and Gilda – between sporty and sensual, there are unexpected variations in style and cut. As Stiftung Warentest compares still no swimsuits, we have adopted us as editors of this task by we have tested a range of different models, and attention to style, color, size and cut. This was a subdivision in women and girls (from about 3-14 years).
Order to represent a highlight on any beach promenade and also like to feel, the large and small ladies of the world must pay attention however on some criteria. How do I clean my bathing suit, without compromising the color intensity? What kind of swimsuit is suitable for my character? Which swimwear manufacturer offers the best quality? What criteria should I consider when buying for girls? Our swimsuit promises answers test 2015. We will gladly advise you and choose our personal swimsuit winner.

What can swimsuits?

Nowadays, most swimwear models offer good protection from UV radiation. For ladies who want to be still seamlessly Brown, there are also permeable to radiation models, which success is however disputed. Ladies with curves want to use their femininity in scene by her swimsuit and conceal unpleasant pads. It’s important on a gain in the chest area to make sure, which should fall out but not too stiff. Customers can rely on buzzwords such as “Shape effect” and “character-forming”. Women, who instead rely on tools hidden in a bathing suit and dear little aphorism held away want to cheat, using the name “push up” sometimes find their perfect model. Suits children from 3-11 year-old girl, it is often important that the material of the swimwear is robust, wear out too quickly, and the color does not fade even after several washes.