The five best labels for bio swimwear

The holiday season has started – or is just around the corner. For those who are still looking for swimwear, Bikini or swimsuit, come here five labels, that man cuts a fine figure to Lake, beach, or anywhere else with little substance. And of course with such materials as poison and fairly produced. Maybe even recycled.

Frija omens

Frija is one of the best labels for fair produced bikinis omens from Berlin. Also swimsuits should happen soon. Frijas first bikinis were made of recycled polyester, as they themselves say was “the skin feeling then but more important”. Therefore it has become – certified now cotton organic cotton GOTS. It dries something though, but it’s worth. Price: from 79 euros at DaWanda and Sexyandfair.

EA Seawear

Crochet is Grandma thing. Right. Because the bikini top by ea. Seawear to be crocheted by a handful of older ladies, and the panties and briefs in a small family business in Apolda. And yet: the swimwear of the Berlin label is real high-tech. The material is a polyester that is, extra thickened so that you can process it manually, because usually it is thin and weaves to bath rugs. A misuse with good reason: The polyester dries much faster than polyamide, which is usually used for swimwear. Rocket science so that these bikinis. And on top of that they are beautiful! There’s another beautiful story of a crochet bikini for the mother of one of the founders of ea.seawear, because the whole thing began. To read there are on the homepage of the label. Price: from 126 euros.


Green swimsuit are currently predominantly women. The well-known label Patagonia , however, makes bad fashion, with the man and woman can do everything possible by surfing to yoga on the beach. Patagonia is just working better to be able to utilize recycled nylon. A lot of technology. But who should do that, if not surfer – and Outdoorlabels, moving out so much as otherwise almost none. Prices: man shorts from 45 euros, bikinis from 75 Euro.


Swimsuits not only gorgeous look, but much better than their counterparts in bikini protect from the rays of the Sun. 1-9-7-9 was established in Hawaii, where the first bikinis from shirts with traditional Hawaiian patterns have been upgecycelt. No longer there, but the label – based now in Berlin – is known for its swimsuits in the style of the 1950s. Sewn is in Thuringia with spandex from Italy. Prices: from €160.


MYMARINI is quite gone through the press in recent weeks. As at 1-9-7-9 come the fabrics from Italy, are there eco-friendly dyed and sewed in southern Germany to swimsuits and bikinis. Special feature: At MYMARINI the pieces are made of a cast – without buckles, hook, hanger. Also awesome: Each model has two sides with different colors, each of which can be carried. Price: from 190 euros.