Swimwear for plus sizes: tips and tricks

Cutting and pattern should fit

One advance: to brief swimwear is not attached when chubby women . Buy your swimsuit not only according to the optics, but sure to the appropriate size. Trades that cut, make still dense.

This also applies to the makers of swimsuits or bikinis: width of liner and Underwire cups bring you greater comfort and support a good fit. Also, wider support for broad shoulders seem beneficial. Also, make sure that the leg is not too high.

A Tankini offers a fashionable alternative to the classic swimsuit. This is a two-parter with a panties and a top that covers the middle of the body and laminated so problem areas.

Better to avoid large-scale pattern

Can some also with the pattern making: A complete printed swimsuit with large pattern or a simple, but with optically extensions longitudinal seams provided is, ensures a narrower silhouette.

Nice cleavage, big butt, little tummy?

You have to offer a nice cleavage? Then quietly show that here and provide a focal point. About choose a swimsuit or top with a beautiful neckline and applications such as sequins. Also beware of lower chest bands, because these allow for a comfortable fit of swimwear.

Tip: You should avoid triangle tops in bikinis rather completely, because they give a good hold the breasts and can lead to neck pain.

Women should take care with a big butt and round hips models, where the panties does not cut and colour simple. Models with loops at the sides apply also unnecessarily. Leave well alone by hotpants, shorten the legs and still widen the Po. Would you hide a little belly, you should reach for a panty with extra wide waistband.

Swimwear for plus sizes: Tip for the color picker

Color is a big part of a good overall appearance. Body shape and body color are always still too rarely observed. Fashion in colors works very well on tanned skin as red, yellow and orange.

Have a pale complexion, you should reach for a swimsuit in cool colors, such as green, blue or Turquoise. Choose a color, which you also feel comfortable, then are on the safe side. As a general rule but: darker colors make you look slightly slimmer.

You can incorporate lighter colors but also in your beach look – as accessories. A summer hat, a Pareo or sunglasses fashionable accents and at the same time distracted by possible problem areas.

Swimwear for chubby men

In swimming trunks and swim shorts for chubby men can choose according to taste, between subtle variations and colorful models. Younger men can also easily access to trendy Bermuda trunks in surfer style with flower print patterns.

You should avoid tight-fitting models, because they emphasize the figure unnecessary. Far cut shorts, which not only cover but also modern are particularly popular and beneficial. The end below the knee shorts are similar in their cutting a classic Boxer shorts and can problem zones, such as cover tight thigh.