Swimsuit styles for women

In our bathing suit we have tested several models according to color, style and functionality comparison. From the classic “little black” to fancy pin-up models and fun animal designs for smaller girls, there is something for every taste. 2015 very popular are also sporting fresh swimsuits in friendly pastel colors. Find the best swimsuit for your needs!

2.1: the “little black dress”

This expression actually used classic, black cocktail dresses.
Introduced he was by Coco Chanel in 1926, and referred to a kind of timeless elegance, the woman always always well dressed is. It is also never wrong on simple quality and the optical sound to put black in the world of swimwear.

2.2: the sporting

Fresh, sporty models with wider crossed straps and high rounded neckline promise good comfort, even during intensive swimming training. Looking for sporty women who look good, but the swimsuit look at more as a means to the end rather than Haute Couture of the water. Adidas or arena are secure starting places for fans of this style.

2.3. the push-up

Looking for ladies who place value on (even) more bust size, and draw everyone’s attention. Gilda or Verano are examples of brands that meet this type.

2.4. the sizing

This swimsuit is distinguished by a not too deep cutting and wide carrier. It is suitable for customers of all figure types of that rely on quality workmanship and classic no frills. Nonetheless scores of sizing often with love to detail (such as label, loops).

3 swimsuit styles for girls

3.1. girlish and sweet

For smaller girls, want to be princesses, a must-have. Often, these models have a built-in skirt and cute motives or dots. They are decorated in bright colors or shades of pink and because of their relatively high proportion of kitsch rather nothing for the rights of Teenagercoolness.

3.2. sporty and fashionable

These swimsuits evaluated comparing very well in our bathing suit, because they like to be borne by children of almost any age and the value for money.

3.3. girly, but simply

An example of this is our best swimsuit in the category of “Girl”. The look of the test winner seems playful and cute, but not quite as cheesy and can therefore be worn by a wider audience of small consumers.
4. care and cleaning tips

Most of the swimsuits consist of polyamide and elastane in the ratio 80:20. This makes the garment sensitive. Intense sunlight and chlorine water damage the material. Therefore we, the bathing suit right after the recommend not too long lying around bath to wash it once and it, else can caused stains. Hand-washing, to avoid is fabric softener, as this can lead to sagging of the material is best. Fun fact: The detergent test of Foundation goods test 2012 showed that powder of reliable spots removed as liquid detergent.

6 questions and answers about the swimsuit issue

6.1. There are also swimsuits for pregnant women?

Brands such as Mamarella offer very nice and refined models for women in other circumstances.

6.2. There are swimsuits in which to be Brown?

There are various providers that promise. We looked at test for example the model by Kan in a bathing suit. Unfortunately, we can not wholeheartedly recommend the product, because many customers refer to it as too transparent and despite UV transmittance note still Tan lines. This applies to all models of their kind.

6.3. when invented the swimsuit?

Since the elaborate trousers and Camisole, dressed in woman in the municipal baths, were too burdensome with time, a shrewd swimmer 1903 invented the first swimsuits from wool Jersey, which only finally prevailed in the 1920s.

6.4. What do I need for the sizes?

Both children and adult women’s swimwear falls tend to be always something too small. If you are unsure, so you’d better order a size smaller, or at the store to try on two assemblies.

6.5. what swimsuit is recommended for women with little bust size?

It must be not the much acclaimed push-up, also reinforced in the chest area, something low-cut bathing suit, conjures up visually more wood in front of the hut. The swimsuit 2015 has shown that the era of this garment is far from over, if you properly consult.