Sexy curve: a great beach body shapes this swimwear for plus sizes!

Finally it has arrived in the media world: curves are not a shortcoming, but rather pure femininity! See also the makers of the ‘Sports illustrated’ magazine and showed a plus-size model Ashley Graham for the first time in a bikini on the cover. The issue went away like hotcakes, which proves: female curves should no longer hidden but put in scene!

But the step in the bikini or other beachwear to show many BBW shy yet. It is likely a female character that we judge our own body especially critical. Is it not hard in his skin to feel – also if it is covered with a bikini or Tankini. The secret is to find the perfect swimwear for plus sizes. Because optimally tailored and fit swimwear shapes the body and makes a great figure – in the strongly built women!

EVERY woman has the right to show in swimwear! What sounds of course, is not yet on unfortunately in many minds. That’s why some plus size bloggers are committed to the task, to make for more tolerance of chubby women. You regularly post pictures of yourself in swimwear in social networks like Instagram or Pinterest. The most beautiful of which you see here!

Styling tips for plus sizes: what swimwear is me?
No matter whether bikini, Tankini or one piece – the styling rule number 1 is: swimwear for plus sizes may be too narrow. Look at trying to top or slip don’t cut a. Because to skimpy clothes cheat visually a few pounds on it and you feel just uncomfortable in it. You think swimwear is boring, old-fashioned and stuffy for chubby? Then clicks you through the current models and let a better instruct you!

Swimwear for plus sizes: string bikini or ironing bikini?

Applies when the Bikini for chubby: If you have a large bosom , should wear a string bikini. The reason: The thin fabric triangles can not keep heavy bosoms. That it looks not so flattering, proves also the picture of Ashley Graham (above). With her an upper section with incorporated ironing and sturdy cups would have been more advantageous, because the brackets support the breast, lift and shape as a crazy cleavage. There is also a not the danger goodbye the flags in a bold jump into the water. A good and safe sitting bikini gives self confidence and that’s as much erotic as a supposedly “perfect” body.

Styling tip for strong women: how to kaschiere a little tummy?
He who fights only with a few rolls in the lower abdomen, can carry one of the now fashionable retro bikinis with top wonderful. The high cut them perfectly conceal the lower abdomen and draw attention to the sleek upper abdomen and the décolleté.

Have her declared your full belly to the problem area , you shouldn’t care about Devil come out forcing in a bikini. Because the most important thing in swimwear is that you feel comfortable in it yet! Tankinis or cool one piece are better in this case. Models with v-neckline are particularly beautiful. You stretch the upper body and set your capital – the neckline – perfect scene. One piece with asymmetric cuts or transparent areas are just as exciting and flattering. Super sexy!
There is swimwear that conceals wide hips and the butt?
Yes, there is! Swimsuits with a small skirt are wonderful. That is loosely over her wide hips, perfectly laminated so the Po and this very feminine looks. You like it character driven, want to but your Po, your hips and thighs still don’t like show? Then choose a longer cut swimsuit. Such models seem a bit old-fashioned, but like a sexy mini dress.

Swimwear for plus sizes: which color suits me?
Just at the beginning of the summer, when the skin is still slightly cheesy, you should wear a color that flatters your complexion. Keep the swimwear for your face. Get pale color, then get rid of these! The color makes you look fresher, it is a good choice.

Small tip for chubby Beach beauties: black makes while slim, but unfortunately also pale. So you look stunning in black swimwear, should you to Tan your skin before the bathing season – but: don’t forget the cream! Or her gives a summery shine your body with bronzer spray. There is such a spray for example by Isadora. Even more tips on the topic “Brown properly” there!

Styling Tip: swimwear in Emerald conjures a hourglass figure!

For those who dream of a sexy hourglass figure: Swimwear in Emerald tried on! The waist appears immediately lighter by the diagonal cut and the character-forming materials and wonderful female body. In such models, you become the Brigitte Bardot on the beach!