How To Wear Bikini in Office Wear Tips

Today‘s hot again neat! But the cold shoulder and with a new dress code, we showthe current temperatures. Now we wear bikini in the Office. So we save us then themove for the swim in the pool.
I prefer what in the hell to plus 30 degrees in the Office?” For days, this question in the morning regularly brings us sweat. This much is already clear: to circumnavigatethe sweat stains acute danger zone safely requires a breezy outfits.
Melt away so that even the colleague, but we keep cool-headed, have become shrewdfashion professionals such as the blogger Leandra Medine (29, “The Manrepeller”) orthe New York Stylistin Natalie Joos (40, “Tales of Endearment”) now considered thesolution for hot temperatures:, from today‘s ladies in bikini in the Office! Very handy so we can control the straight pool directly after work.
So the whole thing looks more for job as a beach Mermaid, a look at the three Golden questions of styling is advisable:


1. what should I wear to the Office?
So we see ourselves right here: the Key piece of this new Office looks is the upper part of the bikinis and the upper third of the swimsuit. The base disappears until after workswimming good under a few layers fabric. When the top or swimsuit necessarily oncutting and high-quality materials! Should be with sagging out, faded bikinis look notat the beach, but certainly not in the Office. Push-Ups also prohibited:, Ruffles andbows. In General, more is a small satisfaction for all women, where the bust is less lush this trend of less.
2. how to styling bikinis?

Actually, virtually all can be combined. Pants and skirts, following rule applies: weliberate topless, it remains below as possible long the magic limit is at least at knee height. Because the outfit is to act as cooling, we leave the fingers of narrow tubes at it is also cheap. Also important: As with the crop tops learned, the navel remainscovered here too! Between the Bikini hem and waistband should no longer outburstas a hand-width skin. Palazzo pants, issued skirts and Culottes with high-waist are thefavorite companion the bikini top off the beach. Alternatively are accessible also to the dress or the bib.

3. where fit the beach-meets-Office look?
How far you can go with his summer Office look, of course depends on the employer.It is anyway advisable in the first attempt to have a matching Blazer or a shirt in thehindquarters. They are compliments, not only by male colleagues the boundaries canbe tested out gradually. In very reputable jobs (banking, insurance) you should use then but better latte instead of bikinis for cooling the body temperature to the iced.