Choose the right swimsuit

To buy a bathing suit may seem like an arduous and pointless exercise, but it is possible to find a swimsuit that fits great to your body and you feel great. A clever swimsuit buyer will understand all the proposals that are made in this article.
Know your body type. Your character – where your weight is distributed naturally – determines what swimsuit best of friends will look like. Miss your hips at the widest part of your waist at the narrowest point and your breast to the fullest to judge this because the swimsuit sizes depend on these dimensions. Here are suggestions of interpretations of your character:

Pear shape: If your hips are much broader than your chest, you’re probably a PEAR.
Apple shape: If your waist is much broader than your hips and almost or as wide as your chest, you might be an Apple.
Hourglass body shape: If your chest and hips are about the same wide your waist but considerably narrower, you’re a classic hourglass.
Just (known also as match or banana): If you are thin and there is no significant difference between your hips, your waist and your chest, you have a straight figure.
Prepare yourself. Before going to buy a swimsuit, you should perform any necessary hair removal. Remove all of the hair you want to show when you taste of the bathing suit, especially if you’re modeling for someone else then falling a judgment. And don’t forget to wear underwear! Each laden with bad fashion calls that customers try on bikinis and swimwear underwear and also you want but not the hygiene risk bear naked to go, or?
Choose the right shop for swimwear. There are boutiques, have specialized in swimwear (everything from sporty swimwear of pool up to glamorous fashion), inform yourself so to find one that suits you. Also have many brands of their own swimwear line at its stores, if you’re looking for anything too special. Another option is to shop online, but the best you’ll use to buy it if you already know you like what swimwear and you need just a few extras or a replacement of the same brand to duplicate of your swimwear.

Choose colors and fabrics that accentuate your best features and conceal your less beloved parts of the body. The secret of good swimwear is to draw attention to the flattering parts of your figure; This will help you to feel more comfortable and look its best. Here are some basic tips that you can follow:

Choose a bright color or a pattern, to emphasize a feature that you like.
To hide something that you don’t like, you can use a solid color.
If you have light skin, wear black or dark colors such as dark purple, Navy and chestnut.
If you have dark skin, bright colors can be flattering and help to hide what you don’t like.

To fake volume (such as on the chest or hips), you can choose items with Ruffles at the same place.
Hide volume (such as on the tummy), you can use crinkled or ruffled fabrics.
Don’t be afraid to buy parts that don’t fit together! Suppose you want to emphasize your chest, you but divert attention from your hips. Then you could choose a bikini top in bright, solid colors or with patterns and to combine a bikini trousers in black, blue or Brown (depending on the shell).
Choose the right cut. Here comes a faster passage of what you prefer / should avoid:
A one piece will hide your waist. Choose your tummy a dark, monochromatic with ruffled strips on.
A bikini pants in the style of the bathing beauties from the 1940s with high waist can also help to disguise a tummy. Choose dark colors or wrinkle in this case.

A Tankini will emphasize your waist, because it draws attention to the area which will be shown. If you love your waist, but not so much your hips and your chest, then this vote.

Boxer shorts make your hips, regardless of the color, wider look. If you have a large chest and wish, that the hips for a classic hourglass figure to fit, then choose Boxer shorts. But remember that some women in this style do not feel comfortable, be sure, therefore your stuff before you buy something.

High-cut bikini pants let longer legs. If you are small or have a long torso, then this is a good choice.

Bustier tops draw attention to the chest, such as also triangle.

Front-bound bikini tops draw attention to the chest and pressing breasts closer together, which they seem bigger. If you have small breasts and wish, that they look bigger, this is a good cut for you could be.

Bandeau make your chest look wider tops. If you have a PEAR figure and want to imitate a hourglass figure, a bandeau choose top with Ruffles or some other eye-catching detail.

If you have a large chest, then search for a top straight-cut top of your swimsuit with wide straps, to decrease your breast. Try it with a bikini top with brackets and a thick chest strap for extra support. A thick breast band will prevent slipping, so that the BRA stays where it should be and it never comes out.
Choose the bathing suit in accordance with its main use. It makes no sense to buy a string bikini if you want; swim lanes or surf He will slip in a very short time and it will be infinitely embarrassing to friends. Bikinis are on sporting activities in the swimming pool or in the sea can be used only to a limited, but a solid Tankini will cause no problems. Sports bathing suits have often added benefits that support you, are streamlined and comfortable, she look so if you are planning to do to hang out as cool at the pool more.
The work as beach guard may require usually a one-piece, solid swimsuit, in the color of your gunnery. Maybe you need also shorts or a neoprene suit, to complete the uniform.

One piece can be very sexy, especially if you’re looking for in beautiful colors and a cut flattering for your body.

Asking for professional help. If you have tried to shop alone and simply don’t find anything, what works for you, then ask for help. Go a saleswoman in a store that carries styles that normally you like and please to advise you. Be open about what you like and what you want to hide and don’t be afraid to answer the feedback that you get – only adequately and you will likely get something at the end, that you like.
Do not assume that a swimsuit is better only because it’s more expensive. The only way to tell whether it works for you, is in to try and move you in it.

The sizes of swimsuits are very often from those of normal clothing. In many cases you must take maybe greater than one or two numbers, unless that means anything, the swimsuit fits friends.

Be always honest with yourself in the fit of your bathing suit. If your skin is somewhere emerges, a larger size will be exactly why more flattering, because the skin is not hanging.

Bathing suits tend to be slightly larger in wet condition, therefore ensure that your swimsuit is not too big, when you buy it. You don’t want to lose finally definitely him, when you jump in the pool! He can shape also unflattering rolls when it is wet and too big, what gives the appearance of additional weight.

Take a trusted friend in the store, try on swimsuits and to get a second, honest opinion.

Getting colors that flatter your skin tone, wear lighter colors some are your complexion emphasize, if you have a darker skin tone.

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