Bikinis 2015: The perfect bikini for your figure and the best tips for buying bikini

We have us 2015 for you viewing the bikinis, tried and evaluated. Which models conjure up a great body? What bikinis are trend by 2015 and that the models are for the ton? Here are the answers to all the questions of bikini!

Bikini purchase – for most women is similar to the a horror trip. Because it is often not so easy to find the model that fits perfectly to your body and to your own style, by 2015 under the bikinis . On behalf for you we have so taken the Bikinis by 2015 under the magnifying glass, tried on and chosen our favorites. Four gofeminin editors show you which models for which figures are perfect. The best tips for bikini buying and the favorite models of the editors here!

Bikinis 2015: these are the testers from the editors

The gofeminin editors of GA-young, Anna, Julia and Fiona (v. l.) know the problems when purchasing a bikini. 2015 gorgeous bikinis look at the models on the posters, but in the mirror of the dressing room, the horror is revealed: the bosom platt panties pressed, too crowded, cheesy skin.

But panic to run from the locker room and immediately to prescribe a diet of zero, is not the solution for the bikini- problem. Because the reason why the Bikini on a not so looks as hoped, is not about the body, but the combination of the wrong model and the nasty fluorescent light in the locker room. This light can be unhealthy, sallow and dellig work even the skin of supermodels.

Tips for buying bikini: better home try

The refreshing trio for the small breaks in everyday – Gerolsteiner moment. Now look at test results!

Our Tip: Buy multiple bikinis with different styles, so Bandaeu, triangle – and ironing bikini, and tried them not in the locker room horror light, but quite comfortably at home in daylight. Look at ironing bikinis that the carrier length of the upper part are ideally positioned. Because only then it sits properly and forms a great cleavage.

The carrier should sit tight but not too tight and the closure of the bikinis should be located approximately in the middle of the back. Important for conversion of bikini: so that you can return the bikinis 2015 after trying the local bedroom, the hygiene protection strips must be present! And: not all shops take back bikinis, inform yourself before you buy, whether you can return the bikinis.

Are you what bikini cuts are uncertain? With the help of Fiona, GA-young, Julia and Anna we explain the Bikinis by 2015 are suitable for which figures and which models are the darlings of the gofeminin editorial team!

GA-young: “the Bikini must wrap well my boobs”

Our beauty editor GA-young is blessed with female curves. Problem 1: Most of the bikinis 2015 give her lush breasts not enough support. The result: The carrier cut a painful and the bikini top is adopted in a bold leap into the water. Unpleasant, but avoidable. Everything you need GA-young, is a bikini with wide straps and integral brackets. You support the breast, shape it, lift it and relieve your back.

But here we come to the second problem, which many girls with large boobs and a lush figure familiar: super old fashioned look the most bikinis for large cups. However, there are exceptions! All bikinis 2015, which has tried on GA-young, the “Capri” by Prima Donna was her favorite. Because it conjures up not only a dream decolleté and conceals thanks to high cut briefs the problem areas, he looks to also have super sweet and the stripe pattern in Coca Cola colours GA-young looks like a sexy pin-up girl!

Julia: “I want a bikini that looks like underwear!”

Wide-cut bikini briefs are not Julia’s case. She finds they make not just a good figure. Therefore she prefers models with high cut leg for extra long legs of Gazelle in the Bikinis by 2015. A push up-bikini – top, that shapes the breasts and conjures up a great cleavage makes for an eye-catcher. Also, it is different than a string bikini, which is quickly adopted even with the jump in the water on the spot -.

Julia’s favorite model of bikinis 2015: a classic bow bikini with feminine polka dot pattern. Which is great, a great cleavage and work through the higher cut, narrow slip the legs longer. In addition is the Bikini in the retro-design classic and elegant and reminds a bit of underwear. And: the dark blue makes shine the summer complexion. Julia’s test verdict: top!

Sweet and sporty at the same time: Push-up bikini by Gilda
Push-up-Bikini mit Punkten von Lascana, 49,99 €, gesehen auf ©
Redakteurin Fiona © e Fiona: “the Bikini to be feminine and may make me not even paler”

Fiona is super athletic built, very large and has a real dream body with a pale complexion. Despite perfect body she 2015 not really comes clear with many bikinis. The reason: Many bikini tops look only good from a size 75 B. In addition, the Bikini colors are 2015 very gaudy, so your skin looks even paler. If you have a pale skin like Fiona, should access to delicate colors. A no-go for women with pale skin: A bikini in white. Because Fiona as the summer type belongs to the cold color types, cold colours such as blue, turquoise or Violettöne are ideal for them. Playful patterns look feminine and give the body more femininity.

An error which is frequently observed when purchasing a bikini: Women with small breasts resort to bikinis with preformed cups, which are not optimal. Instead of the bust size greater than to cheat, you are above unnaturally and have the opposite effect. Among the bikinis sampled on 2015 Fiona has found her favorite: the patterned bikini Buffalo can radiate their complexion and the cut emphasizes its sporty character. The romantic pattern makes the look also still feminine.

Immediately feminine: “Happy” Buffalo Paisley bikini

Anna: “a little bit more breasts and a little less belly, please”

Let’s be honest: we want it all in a bikini look perfect. A little more topless and making a little less belly, legs and buttocks – that would be great! Our editor Anna has viewed 2015 therefore particularly critical the bikinis. Their conclusion: Unfortunately the Bikini briefs are often super almost cut, so that one is tempted Herum plunking constantly working.

But even Anna has found your dream bikini. Her favorite is the striped bikini by H & M. Why? The bandeau top conjures up a great cleavage by the devoured light pushenden fabric and that, solid cups. Depending on, how tight you pull the carrier, you can regulate the push effect itself. Also, the upper part just keeps “Bomb”. Second plus of their favorites of the bikinis of 2015: the slightly wider-cut briefs. He trapped without cutting up on the page and does not slip down while jumping in the water.

Conclusion: In the bikinis 2015 we women must trust us quiet times what!

Applies when purchasing a bikini: various cuts out in peace and quiet and beautiful Licht(!) and be quiet times this courageous. Because models that seem incongruous at first glance can look great on your body and accentuate your features. Our four gofeminin testers have had this experience. And: to present themselves in a bikini sexy and confident will only be possible if you don’t have fear, that the top disappears or the trousers in place. Tests when trying on of bikinis, whether he holds even when movements and remains in place.