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Everyone wants to look cute and attractive on the beach. Even when you are out there to have loads of fun, looking your best is important, perhaps even more important than anything else you do on the beach. Every beachgoer wants to look sensational.

Bathing Suits

The first step to look cute is to choose the right cute bathing suits which would give you the look you are after.

Here are 10 effective tips to help you choose the right cute bathing suit for yourself.

Bathing Suits

Tip#1: Figure Flattering

It is important to realize that in order to look cute on the beach, you’ll need to find out which bathing suit looks best on you and flatters your figure. Everyone ahs different body shapes and for each of these natural attributers, there is a specific bathing suits that would flatter the figure and make the user look absolutely stunning.

For instance, those with an hourglass figure would look sensational with a one piece bodysuit. Those who are heavy would fare off better with a low cut top as this draws away the eye to the upper parts of the body and away from those problematic areas. For those with long and beautiful legs would look just perfect with a skimpy bikini, especially those with low rise bottoms and adorned with dangling strings at the sides. This is the fast track to look super sexy on the beach.

Bathing Suits

Tip#2: Knowing What to Avoid

If you are attracted to a particular piece of bathing suit, be sure that it flatters your figure and would look good on you. The ones that make the model looks like a million dollars may turn out to be a disaster on you! Check to see if you actually look great in those and you can be happy strutting around in them all day

It’s good to realize that looking hot and cute has everything to do with knowing what to wear, what to avoid and how to act on the beach.

Tip#3: Skimpy Choices

You may have seen those skimpy little bikinis that are sold and promoted on TVs, websites and magazines. They can be really sexy if you have the right figure but if you don’t have the ideal shape to along with it, it can be a bad idea to invest in one. To look cute and innocent, you need to decide if this is right for your figure. Sometimes even the modest one piece suits can make you look extremely cute. If you are ever in doubt of this fact, take a look at the 1950’s bombshell Marilyn Monroe in her famous signature one piece swimwear.

Tip#4: Head Turning Choices
Try to find a bathing suit hat stands out from the rest such as a flirty flower places at the left corner of the top, or a generous splash of diamante sparkles thrown across the bikini bottom. Sometimes, a sexy low cut tip would do the trick. Find something that is unique and different that makes people want to look at you again.

Tip#5: Budget

It is important to now what your budget actually is. There would be the temptation of spending more on your cute bathing suits than what you had panned simply because you fell in love with a particular piece that looks cool on the model. Swimsuits can cost you anywhere from a few bucks to over hundreds of dollars, depending on the style and make of the bathing suit. Designer cute bathing suits cost way much more than the mass produced bathing suit.

Tip#6: Practicality

It is vital to acknowledge the practicality of the apparel apart from its aesthetic quality. A great looking cute bathing suit would not be that great if it doesn’t fit into the plan you have at hand. If you need to run after kids, swim in the water or run along the beach, skimpy or thin fabrics would not be a good idea to choose.

Bathing Suits

Tip#7: Style

There are several styles to choose from which includes the bandeau swimsuit, the Tankini, the string bikinis, the skirted swimsuit and so much more.

Tip#8: Color

Choose a color that complements your skin tone. Try on a few colors to know which flatters your skin and makes you look hot.

Bathing Suits

Tip#9: Fabric

Choose the type of fabric carefully. If you are going with the kids, then stay clear off those skimpy suits with see through fabrics. Even one piece swimsuits can be an embarrassment if it becomes see through when wet. Test the bathing suit first before you buy!

Strong colors such as red or turquoise look great on the beach and picking the right colors for your skin type can help create a wonderful image.

Bathing Suits

Tip#10: Accessory

Finally, once you have settled on a great piece of cute bathing suit for yourself, it is time to add some accessorize to glamorize your look. Add in a sunhat, a nice sarong, a large sunglass and matching beach bags and towel and you are really in for some fun!

So what are the cutest bathing suits this summer?

Summer is going to be here before you even realize it and it doesn’t matter if you are into one pieces or two pieces, you will fall in love with these swimsuits. You will be able to check out the seasons hottest swim trends and get ready to rock the beach when the first day of summer hits.

Bongo Maillot One Piece cut out swimsuit

This amazing one piece will have your friends drooling as it has gentle cutouts that will really make your figure pop. The best part is that you can find it at Kmart and for under $30. There isn’t a better deal out there.  Bongo.

Multicolor Peek-A-Boo Swimsuit by Torrid

This amazing one piece will really have you flaunting what your momma gave you. This is perfect if you are a little curvy or if you are average. It will flatter your body type with colorful patterns and more. Best part is that it comes in a variety of sizes, so everyone can have a taste of awesome.  Check it out here.

Zip Front Bandeau one Piece by Tommy Hilfiger

This neon colored swimsuit will flatter your curves and allow you to have easier access to escape your suit when it is wet. You can even remove the strap to make it strapless. Even though it is about $100, it is totally worth the money as you can’t go wrong with Tommy Hilfiger in this blue and yellow number.  Buy now.

OP Watermelon Bikini

This bandeau suit will give you a little bit of sweetness with the cute watermelon design. The ruffles will really make your figure pop in this two piece. Best part about this one is that it is only $16! That is beyond a bargain.

Hobie Sublimated Scene Two Piece from Aeropostale

This cute beach scene will have everyone oohing and ahhing over your taste in swimsuits. The triangle top will flatter your chest while the bottoms will give you a chance to flatter your hips and other curves. The top and bottom both tie to give you a little extra room when you have water weight or if you are a bit curvier than others. The pieces go for $29.50 each.

Shimmer Sequin Bikini by WetSeal

These bikinis will really make you shine as the sequins reflect the sunlight and make you a shining star of the beach. These come in neon colors only and there are plenty of those. The popular one is pink, but many also enjoy the yellow or green. For under $30 you can get this bikini and really show the world what you are made of.

Women’s Mix and Match Sporty Boy Short Bikini by Old Navy

These are great especially if you love solids and prints. You will be able to get plenty of looks on the beach with these. They are great for wearing to exercise on the beach and they manage to stay in place as well.

These are the best of 2016 styles and you can best believe that many girls will be hitting the beach wearing all the best styles this year.